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The Second Symposium on Innovations in Computer Science (ICS 2011) will be held in Beijing, China, January 7-9, 2011, with a welcome reception on January 7.

Innovations in Computer Science (ICS)  is a new conference in theoretical computer science (TCS), broadly construed. ICS seeks to promote research that carries a strong conceptual message (e.g., introducing a new concept or model, opening a new line of inquiry within traditional or cross-disciplinary areas, or introducing new techniques or new applications of known techniques). ICS welcomes all submissions, whether aligned with current TCS research directions or deviating from them.

ICS is a public conference designed to run in a workshop-like environment. The event will take place over two-and-a-half days. The total number of papers will be around 30, so as to allow for ample time for open and one-on-one discussions and exchanges of ideas.

Steering Committee: Sanjeev Arora, Manuel Blum, Bernard Chazelle, Oded Goldreich, Shafi Goldwasser, Richard Karp, Ueli Maurer, Silvio Micali, Peter Bro Miltersen, Christos Papadimitriou, Michael Rabin, Madhu Sudan, Leslie Valiant, Umesh Vazirani, Avi Wigderson, Andrew Yao

Camera-ready Version: The authors of accepted papers must ensure that their Latex file uses the class ics.cls(click here for manual). Papers not following this format may NOT appear in the proceedings.An example of Latex file written with this class can be downloaded here (you will need this picture to compile the file). When compiling the previous example, you should get this PDF file.

In order to compile your file successfully, please make sure that your Latex distribution is updated to its latest version (in particular, the package natlib).

Important Dates: 

Simultaneous Submissions: Material that has been previously published (in a journal or at a conference) or is currently under submission to another conference with proceedings will not be considered for acceptance at ICS 2011.

Poster Sessions: In addition to the above regular papers, ICS welcomes posters on work that authors wish to bring to the attention of the attendees, including work that has been, or will be, published elsewhere. The posters will not appear in the published proceedings of the conference, but will be on display throughout the conference. There will be dedicated sessions during which authors will be invited to present and discuss their posters. Instructions for poster submission may be found at ICS2011 webpage.

Proceedings: The conference proceedings containing all the accepted papers will be published by Tsinghua University Press, Beijing. The accepted papers will also be displayed and downloadable from the conference website.

Discussion Panels: To enhance interaction among participants, ICS will feature public discussions about the papers. The events will be moderated by panelists who will also offer their own perspectives and reflections regarding the main conceptual messages of the papers. There will be a plenary address by Gil Kalai of Hebrew University and Silvio Micali of MIT.

Financial Support for ICS 2011: ITCS will provide full support for one author of each accepted paper, including air ticket (economy airfare at the minimum of the amount), hotel lodging (up to 4 nights), and registration fee. In addition, ITCS will also award some travel grants for graduate students (the number and amount of stipends will be determined based on availability of funds).

Program Committee:

Organization Committee: