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Please use the Camera-Ready form to submit your article.You will need to provide the unique ID which was given to you upon the first submission and was also emailed to the contact author.

The authors of accepted papers must ensure that their Latex file uses the class ics.cls (click here for manual). Papers not following this format may NOT appear in the proceedings.An example of Latex file written with this class can be downloaded here (you will need this picture to compile the file). When compiling the previous example, you should get this PDF file.
(If you have any problem, please contact

In order to have a successful compilation of your file, please make sure that you Latex distribution is updated to its latest version (in particular, the package natlib). Proper compilation using the ics.cls class file was tested with MikTex 2.7 run under the operating systems Windows XP Pro (32 bits - SP3) and Windows Vista Ultimate (64 bits). The text editor was TeXnicCenter (1.0 Stable RC1).

The following documents must be submitted into a single compressed file using RAR, ZIP or TAR.

  1. The source file(s) (LaTeX) of your manuscript (using the appropriate class format) as well as bibliography material and pictures (if any). The authors must make sure that these documents properly compile before submission.
  2. The PDF file of the paper.
  3. The copyright form properly filled in(download here). (The completed form can be also faxed to +86-10-62797331 with an email notification to
Upload the Compressed file now. (No page limit on the length of the manuscripts.)

The previous three documents must be submitted by October 25, 2010 23:59 PDT