Use the online system to submit/revise/withdraw your article. When submitting a new paper, please make sure to provide a valid email address for the contact author as it will not be possible to change it afterwards. Your submission must be in PDF. Any other format will be rejected by the server.

Please have a look at the Call for Papers before submitting.

In addition to the above regular papers, ICS 2011 welcomes posters on work that authors wish to bring to the attention of the attendees, including results that have been, or will be, published elsewhere. The posters will not appear in the published proceedings of the conference, but they will be on display throughout the conference. There will be dedicated sessions when authors are to present and discuss their posters.

Submission format: The extended abstract should start with a title page consisting of the title of the paper; each author's name, affiliation,and email address. Excluding the title page and bibliography, the extended abstract should not exceed ten (standard size) pages using 11-point or larger font, with ample spacing and margins all around. More details may be given in an appendix, but any material beyond the 10-page limit will be read at the discretion of the Program Committee. The program committee may, at its discretion, contact the authors with requests for clarification or further information.

        Submission deadline: 2 August 2010, 23:59 PDT
        Notification: 4 October 2010, 23:59 PDT