• Michael Bremner (UTS:QSI)
  • Simon Devitt (UTS:QSI)
    • Title:QuBox for Quantum Simulation
  • Luming Duan (Tsinghua)
    • Title: Quantum Computing and Quantum Machine Learning
    • Abstract: In this talk, I will briefly review the concept and some recent progress on quantum computing. In particular, I will explain why quantum computers are powerful and how to build up a quantum computer. Then, I will discuss potential applications of quantum computing in solving challenging machine learning problems. In particular, I will present a quantum algorithm for generative machine learning, which, under some reasonable assumptions, can be proven to have exponential improvement in term of the representational power and the learning and inference speed compared with any classical algorithms.
  • Ran Duan (Tsinghua)
    • Title: Algorithms for Matrix Multiplication
    • Abstract: In this talk I will talk about Coppersmith and Winograd’s classic fast matrix multiplication algorithms. I will start with Strassen’s algorithm to introduce the tensor representation of FMM algorithms, and briefly talk about the history of development for this problem. We can also talk about the limitation of Coppersmith and Winograd’s approach.
  • Troy Lee (UTS:QSI)
    • Title: Quantum Algorithms
  • Mingsheng Ying (UTS:QSI)
    • Title: Foundations of Quantum Programming

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