Theory of Cryptography lies in the intersection of Cryptography and Theoretical Computer Science. It aims to provide rigorous mathematical treatment in the process of conceptualizing cryptographic tasks. This area has been exhibiting a remarkable growth in the recent years.

Trends in Theoretical Cryptography is an invitation-only workshop, open to the public to attend. It puts forward fundamental topics in Cryptography with a special focus on three, currently among the most active, areas of theoretical cryptography. The Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS) is committed in advancing state-of-the-art research in all areas of Theoretical Computer Science, and hosts this workshop immediately after the international conference Innovations in Computer Science (ICS) 2011.

The workshop runs in three days. Each day is associated with a distinct theme. Each talk is at most 35 minutes long including questions, whereas there are designated sessions with plenty of time for discussion. Here are the three topics:

January 10th: Efficient constructions and non-black-box techniques in Cryptography
January 11th: Black-box complexity of cryptographic tasks
January 12th: Leakage-resilient Cryptography

Follow this link for the list of speakers, and this for the technical program.