With increasing importance and development of theoretical computer science, academic exchanges among institutions are indispensable for thriving in this field. The Tsinghua ---CUHK Theory Workshop 2007 will be held on December 1-2, 2007 at the Institute for Theoretical Computer Science (ITCS), and will take place in the FIT building, Tsinghua University, Beijing, P.R. China.
Under the guidance of Professor Andrew Yao, the Institute of Theoretical Computer Science and Communications (ITCSC) at CUHK was founded on July 1, 2007. ITCSC was established to promote and support innovative and cutting-edge research in theoretical computer and communication sciences. The mission of the institute is to attract high caliber students, nurture world-class young scientists, encourage international research collaboration and exchange and foster a closer collaboration with regional prominent research institutions.
The purpose of this workshop, initiated by ITCS at Tsinghua University, is to provide a forum about current problems, solutions and future development of theoretical computer science, and to enhance interactions between ITCS and ITCSC. This academic workshop is held jointly among professors and graduates from these two institutes, intending to encourage exchange on the latest exciting research results. Participants will gather to present, discuss and exchange their knowledge and experience at this workshop. Our keynote speakers and open forum debates will cover a range of exciting topics in theoretical computer science.