Quantum Information Processing (QIP) is a rapidly developing field of research spanning both physics and computer science. As the name implies, the field extends information processing (including computing and cryptography) to physical regimes where quantum effects become significant.

QIP 2013 is the sixteenth workshop on theoretical aspects of quantum computing, quantum cryptography, and quantum information in a series that started in Aarhus in 1998 and was held 2011 in Montréal. The conference will take place between January 21 and January 25, 2013. QIP 2013 will feature invited talks, contributed talks, and a poster session. In addition, there will be a rump session with short informal talks.

QIP 2013 will be the first edition of the QIP conference in China. It will be hosted by the newly established Institute for Interdisciplinary Information Sciences (IIIS) at Tsinghua University.


Plenary Speakers:

• Fernando Brandão (ETH Zürich)
• Ronald de Wolf (CWI Amsterdam)
• David DiVincenzo (RWTH Aachen)
• Liang Jiang (Yale)
• Stephen Jordan (NIST)
• Ben Reichardt (University of Southern California)
• Umesh Vazirani (University of California at Berkeley)
• Thomas Vidick (MIT)