In consideration of the high formative value of the conference, the Organizing Committee of QIP2013 is planning to allocate part of the conference budget to the financial support of a limited number of students or postdocs.

The number of grants available and the amount of the funding will depend on the overall budget, on the merit of the applicants, and on the level of support needed.

The application for support is open to students and postdocs of all nationalities. The deadline for applying is November 15, 2012.

Applications should be submitted through the conference website. Each applicant will be asked to answer a few questions (cf. form A below) and to provide the contact information of her/his advisor or mentor, to whom a reference request will be made (cf. form B below). Note that, in order for an application to receive full consideration, both forms should be submitted before the deadline of November 15, 2012.

The selection will be guided by examining an applicant’s research record and the need for aid. It will be based on a scoring system that reflects those priorities. Each applicant will be evaluated a total score, which is the sum of three components: base score, need score, and impact score. The base score is based on the answers provided by the applicant in form A, while the need and impact scores are based on the answers provided by the reference in form B.