Accepted Papers

  1. High Order Linearization Equation (HOLE) Attack on Multivariate Public Key Cryptosystems       by Jintai Ding (U. Cincinnati, USA/TU Darmstadt, Germany), Lei Hu (CAS, China), Xuyun Nie (CAS, China), Jianyu li (CAS, China), and John Wagner (U. of Cincinnati, USA)
  2. On the Generic and Efficient Constructions of Secure Designated Confirmer Signatures       by Guilin Wang (I2R, Singapore), Joonsang Baek (I2R, Singapore), Duncan S. Wong (CUHK, China), and Feng Bao (I2R, Singapore)
  3. Deterministic Polynomial Time Equivalence between Factoring and Key-Recovery Attack on Takagi's RSA       by Noboru Kunihiro (U. of Electro-Communication, Japan) and Kaoru Kurosawa (Ibaraki U., Japan)
  4. Self-Generated-Certificate Public Key Encryption without Pairing       by Junzuo Lai (Shanghai Jiaotong U., China) and Weidong Kou (Xidian U., China)
  5. A Direct Anonymous Attestation Scheme for Embedded Devices       by He Ge (Microsoft Corporation, USA) and Stephen R. Tate (U. of North Texas, USA)
  6. Chosen-Ciphertext Secure Key-Encapsulation Based on Gap Hashed Diffie-Hellman       by Eike Kiltz (CWI, Netherlands)
  7. Cryptanalysis of HFE with Internal Perturbation       by Vivien Dubois (ENS, France), Louis Granboulan (ENS, France), and Jacques Stern (ENS, France)
  8. Length Based Attack and Braid Groups: Cryptanalysis of Anshel-Anshel-Godlfeld Key Exchange Protocol       by Alex D. Myasnikov (Stevens Institute of Tech., USA) and Alexander Ushakov (Stevens Institute of Tech., USA)
  9. Identity-Based Traitor Tracing       by M. Abdalla (ENS, France), A.W. Dent (Royal Holloway, U. of London, UK), J. Malone-Lee (U. of Bristol, UK), G. Neven (France Telecom, France), D.H. Phan (KU Leuven, Belgium), and N.P. Smart (U. of Bristol, UK)
  10. New Chosen-Ciphertext Attacks on NTRU       by Nicolas Gama (ENS, France) and Phong Q. Nguyen (ENS/CNRS, France)
  11. Efficient Ring Signatures Without Random Oracles       by Hovav Shacham (Weizmann Institute of Science, Israel) and Brent Waters (SRI Intl.)
  12. Anonymous Signatures Made Easy       by Marc Fischlin (TU Darmstadt, Germany)
  13. Parallel Key-Insulated Public Key Encryption Without Random Oracles       by Benoit Libert (UCL, Belgium), Jean-Jacques Quisquater (UCL, Belgium), and Moti Yung (Columbia U., USA)
  14. Full-Domain Subgroup Hiding and Constant-Size Group Signatures       by Xavier Boyen (Voltage Inc., USA) and Brent Waters (SRI Intl.)
  15. Practical and Secure Solutions for Integer Comparison       by Juan Garay (Bell Labs, USA), Berry Schoenmakers (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands), and Jose Villegas (TU Eindhoven, USA)
  16. Multiparty Computation for Interval, Equality, and Comparison without Bit-Decomposition Protocol       by Takashi Nishide (U. of Electro-Communications/Hitachi Software Engineering, Japan) and Kazuo Ohta (U. of Electro-Communications, Japan)
  17. A Closer Look at PKI: Security and Efficiency       by A. Boldyreva (Georgia Institute of Tech., USA), M. Fischlin (TU Darmstadt, USA), A. Palacio (Bowdoin College, USA), and B. Warinschi (U. of Bristol, UK)
  18. Optimistic Fair Exchange in a Multi-User Setting       by Yevgeniy Dodis (New York U., USA), Pil Joong Lee (POSTECH, Korea), and Dae Hyun Yum (POSTECH, Korea)
  19. Traceable Ring Signature       by Eiichiro Fujisaki (NTT, Japan) and Koutarou Suzuki (NTT, Japan)
  20. Two-Tier Signatures, Strongly Unforgeable Signatures, and Fiat-Shamir without Random Oracles       by Mihir Bellare (UCSD, USA) and Sarah Shoup (UCSD, USA)
  21. Multi-Bit Cryptosystems Based on Lattice Problems       by Akinori Kawachi (Tokyo Institute of Tech., Japan), Keisuke Tanaka (Tokyo Institute of Tech., Japan), and Keita Xagawa (Tokyo Institute of Tech., Japan)
  22. Cryptanalysis of the Paeng-Jung-Ha Cryptosystem from PKC 2003       by Daewan Han (NSRI, Korea), Myung-Hwan Kim (Seoul National U., Korea), and Yongjin Yeom (NSRI, Korea)
  23. Efficient Pseudorandom Generators Based on the DDH Assumption       by Reza Rezaeian Farashahi (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands/TU Isfahan, Iran), Berry Schoenmakers (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands), and Andrey Sidorenko (TU Eindhoven, Netherlands)
  24. Knowledge-Binding Commitments with Applications in Time-Stamping       by Ahto Buldas (Cybernetica AS/Tallin Univserity of Tech./U. of Tartu, Estonia) and Sven Laur (TU Helsinki, Finland)
  25. Verifiable Shuffle of Large Size Ciphertexts       by Jens Groth (UCLA, USA) and Steve Lu (UCLA, USA)
  26. $\ell$-Invertible Cycles for Multivariate Quadratic Public Key Cryptography       by Jintai Ding (U. Cincinnati, USA/TU Darmstadt, Germany), Christopher Wolf (ENS, France), and Bo-Yin Yang (Academia Sinica and TWISC, China)
  27. Fast Batch Verification of Multiple Signatures       by Jung Hee Cheon (Seoul National U., Korea) and Jeong Hyun Yi (Samsung, Korea)
  28. Improved On-Line/Off-Line Threshold Signatures       by Emmanuel Bresson (DCSSI, France), Dario Catalano (Universita di Catania, Italy), and Rosario Gennaro (IBM, USA)
  29. Multi-party Stand-alone and Setup-free Verifiably Committed Signatures       by Huafei Zhu (I2R, A-Star, Singapore), Willy Susilo (U. of Wollongong, Australia), and Yi Mu (U. of Wollongong, Australia)

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